Student Visa

We assist in Student visas including renewing visas, admission and changing courses. We assist in representing our clients with dealing with Notices of Intention to Consider Cancellation and cancellation appeal cases.


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    If you want to speedup your Migration Application process Instantly!

    Only candidates who we believe may be eligible for an Australian visa will be contacted to make a booking for a detailed visa assessment and consultation.

    Australian immigration law is complex and conducting an appropriate initial assessment takes time. As such we charge a minimal fee of $150.

    In the consultation, if your case has good prospects we will advise a quote for the full service to manage your migration matter. The amount will have the initial consultation payment deducted ($150). If you then decide to proceed we will issue you an engagement letter and invoice to get the process underway.

    Why Choose Educare?

    How do i Choose my Study Destination in Australia?

    1. Confirm first that the city has Universities or Courses you are interested in.
    2. Check the climate and location, different states in Australia has different climate. Some city is close to the beach, some other city is in country side close to the bushes.
    3. Check the distance and time zone, this is important if you have family back home that may want to stay in touch with you all the time hence the time zone matters.
    4. Choose the city based on the facilities offered whether you prefer a city skyline moder touch facilities or a laid back culture with close knit communities, Australia has something for everyone.
    5. See if there is community group that you are interested in joining for activities.
    6. Last but not least, friends and family circle is a good point to consider too!

    How do i choose the best course for myself in Australia?

    • Know yourself, your talent, your desire and your dreams.
    • Ask the Alumni and current student of that particular course.
    • Check the budget and any associated fees.
    • Consider the current world development.
    • Consider development. the career prospect in the future.

    How do i get scholarships in Australian Universities?

    Scholarship can assist international students to study in Australia to help pay for their tuition fees. Check out our scholarship tips and advice to assist with your scholarship applications and increase your chances of receiving sponsorship.

    • Participate in community life: While many scholarships for international students are based on academic merit or financial need, remember that some scholarships are awarded for community participation. This includes community service or participation in community groups, clubs and sporting teams.
    • Apply for as many scholarships as possible: There are many scholarship opportunities in Australia, so we recommend that you apply for as many as possible. Don’t limit your search to the education institutions — scholarships may also be oered by residential colleges, the Australian Government, international organisations and government departments in your home country.
    • Ask for help with applications: Your scholarship applications are very important — they are often the only means of awarding scholarships, so it is important that your application is clear and without errors. Unfortunately, a simple mistake might result in your application being rejected. Common mistakes relate to spelling and grammar issues, lack of detail and poor presentation. To prevent any mistakes when you apply for scholarships, ask a trustworthy source who is fluent in English to review your application, such as a friend, parent or teacher.
    • Read the scholarship criteria carefully: Before applying for a scholarship, check that you have submitted everything that is required. Make sure that your application meets the deadline, answers all questions asked in sucient detail, meets word limits and is accompanied by any required supporting documentation.

    What information to include in my GTE Statement?

    We encourage you to provide evidence or information about:

    Previous Study

    • Academic transcripts showing qualifications achieved
    • Name of the education provider(s)
    • Length of study
    • Certificates of attainment

    Gap in previous study

    • Reasons why there is a gap in your studies including where you did not maintain enrolment

    Current employment

    • Your current employer
    • Company address
    • Period of employment
    • Details of your position
    • The name and contact details of someone who can confirm the circumstances of your employment

    Ties to home country or country of residence

    • Evidence of financial, family or social ties. You need to show you have significant incentives to return home

    Economic situation in home country or country of residence

    • Documents showing employment or business activities for 12 months before lodging an application
    • Potential employment offers including salary and other benefits, after course completion
    • Income tax return or bank statements

    Employment in a third country

    • Potential employment offers, including salary and other benefits, after course completion.
    • Include as much information and evidence as possible in your GTE statement to help give us a full view of your situation. This will help us make a decision on your student visa application.
    • Otherwise, we might need to ask you for more information, delaying our decision on your visa application

    How we assess your GTE statement

    • The GTE requirement is used to make sure the student visa program is accessed as intended. The student visa program is not a way for international students to maintain ongoing residency in Australia.
    • The GTE requirement helps identify applicants who are using the student visa program for motives other than gaining a quality education.

    Documentation Checklist

    For Oer Letter Process

    • Original Passport (All Pages including old Passports)
    • Resume / CV
    • Letter of Genuine Temporary Entrant
    • Academic Documents (Mark sheets & Certificates)
    • Academic Transcripts + Degree / Provisional
    • School Leaving / Birth Certificate
    • Work Experience Letter (If applicable)
    • IELTS /English proficiency evidence (If available)
    • Letter of Recommendation (LOR) (if required)
    • Marriage Certificate (If applicable)
    • Any Other Relevant Certificates (If applicable)

    Spouse Documents Checklist

    • Original Passport (All Pages with old Passports)
    • Birth Certificate
    • Academic Documents
    • Marriage Certificate
    • Marriage Photographs
    • Work Experience Documents (if applicable)

    Visa Processing

    • Now online Visa Application
    • Visa Application Fees
    • Original Passport (All Pages with Old Passports)
    • Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCOE)
    • English Test Result (PTE/IELTS)
    • Academic Documents
    • Work Experience Documents
    • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
    • Evidence of Financial Support
    • Adavits of Sponsor/s
    • Relationship Proof with Sponsors*
    • Name Change Evidences, (if any)
    • OSHC Certificate, Medical

    How do i assess my Financial Capacity?

    Financial Capacity is one of the requirements to be granted a student visa. Student need to show a certain amount to the Department and that this fund is accessible during your study.

    Where will i get a safe accommodation?

    Guidance on police checks, sponsor applications and health checks including when to arrange for them

    What course should I study to get PR?

    Many international students want to settle in Australia for good and fruitful career. Some students find it dicult to get PR because their education and occupation is not appropriate to be eligible for PR. This can be very costly mistake as it is known that Australian education is expensive for international students. Therefore international students, who want to qualify for PR after their studies, must have required qualifications and employable in the occupations which are in high demands at Australia. Australian government releases list of high demand occupations each year. International students who have completed their course, in any of the high demand occupation areas, have a good chance of getting PR.

    What do i need to be aware of before coming?

    • Load copies of documents, photos, music to clud storage
    • Save important contacts details and information in a Google Document
    • Know your flight – weight restrictions, entertainment and food
    • Arrange airport pick-up for whe your flight arrives
    • If you bring a phone, download an App so you can contact family and friends with access to WI-FI
    • Add something to make your lenguage identifiable
    • Bring hand luggage that can be used for day trips and daily use

    How do i make New Friends in Australia?

    1. Smile is your best make up, so smile and be friendly!
    2. Join student’s association that have common interest with you.
    3. Join community group outside your University scope to extend your network.
    4. Host an event or student gathering in your home or picnic in the park with fellow students.
    5. Get off your computer screen, get out and start meeting new people!