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    How Educare Can Help You…

    We will map your partner visa pathway in our first meeting and going forward we manage the case step by step right up until your visa is granted. We make sure our clients follow all the required milestones in order to secure a favourable outcome such as:

    • Identifying key dates when you become eligible to apply.
    • Notice of intention to marry or registration of de facto status (if applicable).
    • Key relationship evidence required when you apply.
    • Applying in Australia vs overseas.
    • Obtaining visitor visas or other bridging visas.

    Why Choose Educare?

    Requirements Gathering

    We prepare your file that you will meet the requirements when the time comes to lodge your application

    Documents Gathering

    Specific guidance on how to obtain the documentary evidence for your application


    Provide guidance to prepare your personal statutory declarations and review them for consistency and completeness


    Lodgement of your application on time and complete before any deadline

    Review under Department policy

    Careful review of all documents to ensure you meet the standards required under Department policy

    De Facto Visa

    Guidance on registration of de facto relationships (for de facto applicants)

    Verification of Documents

    Guidance on police checks, sponsor applications and health checks including when to arrange for them

    Bridging and Visitors Visas

    Guidance on bridging visas (for our onshore clients) and visitor visas (for our offshore clients)